Monday, January 18, 2010

finally GOT this in GIANT~~!!!! phew...

My boss told me that he got tis set of HG from Singapore in the mid Dec (he went there for holiday) when i came back from my Singapore trip...>.<
Lucky its available in Malaysia now~~!! XD

*HAPPY* cos i finally GOT HG GLASS which i wanted it long time ago~~!!! its so coool.....yea~~!!! :) *CM:i got 1 set for U too...:p*

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Having my company Annual Stock take yesterday...

Very tired(had calculated lot lot lot pallet of recon. stock) +backache +rashes(thx to dirt) + got few cut on de leg...

After stock take heading to our old place 9,10 having cool Calsberg wit the colleague them..keke...

Here is some pic during stock take... :p

~lot lot pallet to go~
~looking those recon.stocks EMO-ly~
~after calculate Jason wrapping it up~
~trying + learning driving Forklift~

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Monday, January 11, 2010

hello all in 2010...
i had been MIA once again in is my updated for what i had done in the year 2009...and of cos for the bad things hopefully its would not repeat or happen again in this 2010..but for the keep it on... :)

let's start with:

- had been working in the company for more than 1 year.Yeah~~!!! keke...
-finally got my new car which is more stable than previous 1...
-out of 12 months only 2 months eat grass...
-had a good collegue...good boss,2 kai jie,kai pa...everybody in the office sayang me lot...hmm...wat else...over all good lo... :)
-i think its a correct, good & accurate decision for me to switch from accounting to sales line.. :)
- more outlet to cover which increase from 18 to 30 (my life more risky too due more place to travel =.=)
-try to fight and maintain as top10 salesman for the company trip to Beijing & good sales reputation (only top10 salesman whole m'sia able to go) since i ady in no.8...kakakaaa...3 month to go...gambate lo... :)
- earn more $$$$$
- wish those BUYER sayang me more
- get more FREEBIES from other supplier (can save $ :p)
~outlet SKINZ roadshow~
~annual dinner at Sunway: the colleague~

~the sista:ashley, sandra n me~

~had a drink at station after power display wit dai ka jie + kai pa~

~kai pa~

- spend LOT LOT LOT~~!!!! as the proverb goes "the more u earn the more u spend" its true and happen ON me... =.=
- spend on liquor, shopping and of cos traveling...
- involved in an accident & lucky just cost me RM200...phiew...
- Proof the proverb "the more u earn the more u spend" are WRONG...i wan SAVE more $
- clear all my credit card debt within 3 month & change to debit card...kakakaaaa....lucky the amount left little...phiew... :)
- less liquor, shop while SALES, more economical trip... :)

- had admit into HUKM twice for 3 pack of glucose due to food poisoning.
- sleep late.
- LOT club club n club...
- non stop drink drink n drink.
- underweight.
- i want a healthy lifestyle~~~!!!!
- less drink less clubbling.
- sleep early.
- eat more VEGE.
- gain weight.kakakaaaa... :p


- had been travel to oversea : Bangkok, Singapore, Brunei + Taiwan
- had done few hiking to Broga Hill and Pine Tree Trail.
- 1st destination of the year Feb: Bangkok trip. :p (bangkok is my 2nd home, must go there every year)
- wish to travel more places. try to upgrade to 5 oversea :p
- more hiking which more healthy activities.
~bitten by the leech at Pine Tree Trail~
~Pine Tree Trail~
~Broga Hill~
~Taiwan Yang Ming Shan~
~Taiwan Ye Liu~
~Taiwan Jiu Fen Old Road~
~the cousin & auntie~
~malacca jalan-jalan cari makan trip~
~malacca trip wit my ah suk & family~
~Bangkok, Thailand trip~

~Nakhorn, Thailand Trip~
~Penang, Bkt Bendera~
Best Friend of the year
- beer + liquor: Carslberg, Guinness, Kilkenny, Hoegardeen, Black Label + Chivas. (Kent: hazel your blood contain alcohol :p)
- bought few bottles liquor which add into my collection :p
- got Nintendo DS Lite
- got a cat which named SPOT (cos she got 1 Indian dot on the face)
- got 2 gerbil (something like hamster but a bit big size + long tail), which still at my colleague house...hmm...thinking when i gonna bring them back... =.=~SPOT, the naughty cat~
~my NDSL~

- finally i found my own cookies jar... :p

~that all for today la..will updated again once i free lo...~
~picture of the best frenz~
~the Traveller Den's sista: mayyee, tong & me~
~the cousin~
~the bangkok trip gang~
~best besties + buddy~

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

fuhhhhh.....tried till de MAX~~!!!!

having lot fun in tis 2 days...non stop chit-chattig n fooling around de sista,hiking,nice food,nice ppl,nice club nite....really make me rest n relax~~!!! cant waiting for the next trip...planning now...keke...

currently LOVE Black Eye Peas SO SO MUCH~~!!! they re cute esp Will.I.Am...make me more heart to his song "Heartbreaker"...wakaka...~~!!!

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Had a MOVIE day out wit my two besties chuan n sying at Midvalley 2day...
Stupid hectic traffic at MV~~!!! i spend about 130 hours to search a PARKING~~!!! argh~~!!!!>.<

Had watched two movie in a row...keke...satify...watched "UP" till tears touching n funny...watched "Final Destination 4" in 3D version...a bit geli...if for those who dun like bloody scene...better dun watch...u surely will puke...cant wait for "G-Force" next cute...~~!! XD
My hair color had more "LALA" look anymore~~!! wakakaa....









oh yi finally had come back~~!! yeah~~!! got home cook soup again~~!! XD

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Finally had a new layout for my blog~~!! THX lot to my web blog designer Ms.Amelia beloved cousin..muackx~~!! THX lot~~!!!

I'll be back to blog..since i had been MIA for a while..oppsss....for long long long while....haha....
Recently...had a new n cool hairstyle...dun shock ya whenever u all saw brother said i'm look like "lala" collegue said "it cool n suit U lot"..Mr.J said "u re so so IN and UPDATED"...wat re u guy thinking??? (actually there is a story y i had such hair color*update later*)

I should be sleeping now...tiring due to SUDDEN plan went to Selayang FRIM hiking with Mr.J~~!!! but i'm tooo exciting to blog wit my new layout~~!! actually this morning we should went to BrogaHill, BUT it had been canceled due to raining..nvmla...v still managed to do some excersice at Selayang~~!! We reached FRIM quite late ady...managed up 70% of the hill due to the day getting dark n whole hill just left 2 of us n v both keep on hearing "pelik-pelik" noise..i keep on argue wit him said there is someone out there...n he said is monkey...hmm....should be waiting there c actually what is THAT~~!!! Having lot of fun..1st time HIKING which just only 2 people...starting 650pm...n down hill at the month of July (chinese calender)....hmm....just reliased "WE JUST SO BRAVE"...haha....

*Yawn* ZZZzzzzz....sleepy ady...time to bed.....goood nitezzz.....^^

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Friday, May 08, 2009

i'm going bk home now~~!!!!!! wuhooo~~!!!! hip hip hoorrayyyy~~~!!!!!!
poor sandra n stephen 2molo need to help me deliver my stock..thx u guys so so much~~!!!! muackx~~!!!!! they really such a great teamate for me~~!!!!!
---------- xxx ----------

rushing here n there 2day...keep on driving wrong way... >.<

---------- xxx ---------- reach ady....have to chaoz 1st..cos he sending me to station + having dinner.will update again when i reach kb...chiaoz~~!!!

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